A Beautiful Spring Day

Written by: Lynn Glover


A Beautiful Spring Day

There is a warm breeze coming from the West,
Creeping in forcing the landscape to get dressed.
The warm breeze snuggles against our face,
Then slowly holds us in a warm embrace.
With the warm breeze come the May flowers,
They have been enticed to bloom by the April showers.

The long cold winter has gone at last,
We look around and see the tender sprigs of green grass.
We see rabbits, squirrels and all kinds of birds,
To express our love of spring, we can find no words.
We see the lovers strolling down the lane,
They’re not anxious to see winter return again.

God has brought us this beautiful spring day,
The hint is to put all our winter things away.
To lie in the hammock, basking in the spring sun, so warm,
The tan on our face begins to transform.
God is among us, it’s easy to tell,
He brought us the warm breeze, and the flowers to smell.

©2010 Lynn B. Glover