A prayer over a Soldier of Christ

Written by: Timothy Jacks

If i gave it over, i would go back to the dust
i would be free from these words that are chains
as the Master of my Faith, I would fly away
never again to be a captive of the flesh
As I heard a command coming down the chain of command
as a still small voice it falls on my ear
and it is the people that create ripples inthe pond
and if you can't distinguish the good from the bad apple
as the foolishness of a man spills forth from the seat of power
don't be confused for it is said in that day many will fall away from the %
As my Shield of Faith deflects the firey darts of the devil 
i confront those who are in the devils service
i put the blood in it. I pledge the blood of the Master as I am under the laws of the Kingdom of God
may i serve in a manner worthy of that Sacrifice
May i be Valiant against their many numbers
if i should be betrayed by my friends
or sabotaged by my lack of diligence
Be my Strength and wits in the battle