the ghosts of shade

Written by: Jayne Eggins

no one sees them
as the veils begin to shift
and night falls 

ghosts begin their walk
high heels tattered and worn down
jeans stiff from two days wear
jesus dangling between their breasts
at the corner of a downturned mouth 
spit and  a cigarette gather 

jittering and itching they rub their arms
awaiting the next rush and run YEAH ! 
when the cops are around ? like rats
they scamper and skitter into the shade 

will-o-wisp's they arrive and depart
and into unknown destinations they travel
for moments of ecstasy with new and old

the hours draw thin the air turns moist 
day is coming, and like vampires 
they withdraw to the shadow of light 
until the darkness echos once again