A Dry Soul

Written by: Jennifer Neri

I think I miss him and I despair,
Today I think of the times we had together
The time I gave away wasted
I think I lost my dreams to live for him
Because I followed, loved, and respected him
And I forgot about myself
I'm not happy
I think my soul has dried out by loving him so much
Sadness follows me in every moment
And in my pray I think of him
I think he's taken my illusions
He was my world
He was the engine of my world
I loved him without measures
My heart nearly stopped in agony
He let me taste a love that hurts
A pain that I feel down my guts
He took my desire to love again
I think I'm dying to see him again,
But I fear of having him around
His love is not for me, I'm convinced
But I'm crazy for his lovely bones
I'm still faithful to him in my thoughts
I'm not in control of this feeling