From the nest of a poem

Written by: Sukmawati Komala

The time you breezed
into my life
you’ve opened
my heart
and let me felt
a love
once more

your love
shined bright
like a sportlight
conquered my heart
with your blink- less passions

everytime you questioned me
did i love you so
i just didnt know how to reply
and filled me with teary nuance

like a helpless kitten
on a kitchen
disobedience to your commands

i knew how to sing
i knew how to praise
i just didnt know how to say

what have i done 
to deserve your love
a very extraordinary 
golden love
silken smoothness
honey tasted

the love that swayed
from left to right
in your poetic heart
colored my basic emotions

not try to entomb my silence
let the poems 
speak love from its silence
to express the feelings

as the sky kissing the earth
from the nest of a poem
breeze you comfort
delicate drops
of my love
till eternity

~(c)sukmawati komala~
21 march 2013