So Gentle Now The Night Dose Fall

Written by: Michael Ainsley

So gentle now the night does fall                                                                                                       And up rise spirits one and all                                                                                                           To list unto the clarions call                                                                                                                            In realms of knowledge they do seek                                                                                             An angels  presence in their sleep                                                                                                         With dreams abounding from the deep                                                                                                        And vaporous visions all a glow                                                                                                 Oh sweet dimensions high and low                                                                                            All this and more let love bestow                                                                                                That rising in there hearts there be                                                                                              The golden gift of symmetry                                                                                                  That helps the novice eye to see                                                                                            Beyond each space and troubled time                                                                                                   That rises up within the mind                                                                                                      And would to darkness be inclined                                                                                              A serious thing it is to dream                                                                                                       For all the wisdom we might glean                                                                                                  Is but a shadow on a theme