The Kissing Wall

Written by: Christine Phillips

One more chance to glance at you,
one more time to dine with you,
one more chance to share with you,
one more time to walk with you.

Dear to love you, dear to trust you,
dear to run a mile with you,
one more time to stir my emotions,
one more chance to get that promotion.

You have teased me with your mysterious frown,
and dragged me through the busy town,
making me wait for seven days,
and piercing me with your melodic phrase.

Climbing mountains and steep rocks,
glancing at your winding clock,
from the Forbidden City in the Far East,
I came to you on bended knees.

One more chance to listen to you,
One more time to embrace you,
One more chance to hope for you,
One more time to dance with you.

Standing against the kissing wall,
You make me feel very tall,
Oh how I yearn for enjoyment,
my bleeding soul long for contentment.

Long days and sleepless nights,
I wait for you until broad day light,
One more chance to sing with you,
One more time to say I love you.

©2013 Christine Phillips