Written by: Leonard Kleeman

By Leonard Kleeman

I took a hard fall just the other day
and broke three ribs to my great dismay.
The pain is deep and very hard to take.
I can't even lie down, if just for Pete's sake.

But I was saved by chance, you see
for in my bedroom there's a chair 
just for me.
It's a bright red color and a recliner too
and it's very comfortable for me or for you.

At night for my comfort it becomes my bed.
I even cover myself with a blanket that's red.
I'm in front of the TV and control all the light
So I can sit and watch shows all through the night.

But that's not the purpose of my lovely red chair.
I just can't sleep in bed with my ribs to repair.
When I lie on either side the pain is severe
so I have to sit on my rear in my dandy red chair.

 I stretch myself out and tuck myself in
and pull the blanket way up to my chin.
My red chair protects me with arms on each side
So I don't spill over or go for a ride.

After a few days I got used to the red chair.
I felt so comfortable and was glad it was there.
Now I have to get better to get back in the bed
And when I do, I will dearly miss all that red.

But my beautiful red chair and I just won't part
I'll keep it right next to the bed and my heart
For without that red chair what would I do
If I need it again for me or for you?