Written by: sangeeta saha


         At the commencement of creation,
         God had in mind a wondrous notion.
         One will thrive killing the other creature,
         To protect the weaker, He gave them some defensive feature.

         Some with thorns, other with horns,
         Some with wings, other with a sting.
         Some with tooth, or with claws,
         But for human, He gave brains to make some laws.

         The laws made man civilized,
          With hidden tooth and claw.
          With brain he made weapons,
          A fatal boon for the foe.
          With democracy came non violence,
           A wise man should show humanity,
           And should not disgrace innocence.
           Hence he took the easiest defense,
           Camouflage is a safe way, without any offence.

           Like a chameleon he changes colour,
           To fit in his surroundings,
           He despise in disguise,
           Betraying moral bondings.
           Some self centered issues,
           Causes ruthless destruction.
           It's a shame for the whole mankind
           To be said as God's greatest creation.