Food for Thought

Written by: SM Koval

Your darkness was clear as you came into sight 
As you circumstantially sucked air from the room,
Still, I nurtured my faith with hope for some light 
As I denied the truth of your doom;

Then you consumed my soul, with such sinister bites
As each nibble cloaked behind you tender kiss, 
Led to the collection of all those countless nights
As I laid empty beneath you captivated by bliss;

Now alone and aged, left with these voids to tally
As they reveal I have nothing left to conceal,
I understand and confess how my spirit betrayed me 
As it was my choice after all… to be your meal.

Darkness will devour us with gluttonous ease and little trial, 
When we discount reality... and the consequence of denial.

Written: 03/26/2013 for Sinister Contest