The Church

Written by: Victor Alexander


History always does repeats itself in an unexpected manner
This dates far back to the Israelites in the wilderness God fed with manna
After six hundred years since we heard a pope resigned
This year brings back the history; The Pope unexpectedly resigned
Whatever may be the reason, everybody has personal divergent opinions
Last time we checked, he was the head of Catholic faithful numbering 1.3 billion.

Even if all should pass away with the doctrine of the church gone
Christianity will always forever remain the hand-work of our God
Different things are bound to always happen that many do not expect
God will forsake his church, that’s one thing many ought not to expect
The key to heaven given to peter does not have a duplicate unlike normal key
In times of tribulation and confusion one thing is for sure; Jesus is the only key.

There is freedom of religion as embedded in the constitution
What happens when the church becomes a center of prostitution?
Too many countless churches; may be what Jesus Had was last lunch
No matter what the constitution constitutes; in the beginning there was one church
What happened to the one church? Nobody cares to ask that rhetorical question
All said and done; do we serve the same God? That’s all to this rhetorical question.