pleasure is passion

Written by: joanna smith

I cant fight this
Sets me reeling everytime
Curls my toes
Flotas my boat
Sends chills down my spine

I want to hold onto this 
Im gonna never let it go
To stay like this forever?
You wouldnt dare say no
No need to be ashamed 
I enjoy it just like you,
Just wallow in the way this feels
Theres still so much more to do

Its a little much but dont be shy
I aim to please
To make sure you cry

And cringe
And squirm
Yet beg for more
Dont worry 
Dnt wonder
Cuz I'm gonna make you sure

But after this 
You'll never leave
Cuz you cant touch
What you cant see

I see you but I dont feel
I told you this aint real it's just a game
It's purely pleasure I dnt see love 
I'll never touch it aint that a shame