We're Even


It's so easy to scream foul words,
about things done that mentally disturbs
What's the point, you're 6 foot down,
Sound-proof in the ground.
You had to go and die on me,
Do you truly believe you're free?
Soon you'll feel the heat....
While you pound a beat....
On a coffin lid for a door,
Sniveling with a implore.
Begging to enter the promise-land,
You didn't know you're the devil's right hand?
Heaven can't hear you any more
You're knocking on Satan's door.
Keep praying as you fry,
Your love was such a lie,
Abusing a child that trusted you most,
Now you're nothing but a pork roast,
Squeal little piggy squeal,
Now you know how I feel.......
As you laid your hands on my innocence,
Whiskey stole your commonsense.
You took the best of what little I had,
I guess you could say we're even dad.