The Dawn of Battle

Written by: Donald Williams

The wet dew beneath my feet is cold. I can taste the moist wet air in every breath. A thick fog casts an eerie amber glow as the sun slowly rises from the vastness of night. I can hear birds and animals begin thier daily routines as the sounds of life waken in my ears. There are trees off in the distance and small voice inside me begins to whisper to me. "Go slowly young warrior, for the shadows hold danger" the voice says. From under the treeline I can see figures move ever so slowly. Shadows rustle and I can hear a slight crackling there. "Something approaches" I whisper to my companions. There are three of us, Daniel, Matthew, and myself Andrew and we all circle around standing back to back. The empty sounds as our swords are drawn from their sheeths. Matthew's bandage, wrapped around his arm, allows a single drop of blood to fall silently to the ground. Tightly wrapped bandages from our battle the night before. We stand here and prepare our minds for the fight to come, not knowing how many we face, but only that we will fight to our last with courage and honor. With a faint crackling from the trees, I can see the shape of our enemies ahead. 20 or maybe 25 burrely men lurking under the trees. I can barely make out the horns of their helmets and the swords in their hands. Soon the howl of what sounds like hundreds of the enemy barrels their way from the trees. The smell of fear is thick as we all know that hopeless task ahead. We are warriors and we stand proud, our swords are wet with fresh blood and our hopes are high. Never to give up and never to give in, we stand as one against all odds. Our hearts are true and heroes all and one.