Written by: daver austin


This long life nearly done,
Come round to memories
Flashing mind, one-by-one.

All social pain withstood,
Body boxed and topped, all’s
Brought down to neighborhood.

Scorning reality,
A reinvented child
The mind’s totality.

Those wonder scenes long gone
Are dreamily recalled
By sepia toned song.

And for conversation
Some gray homestead ghosts and
Self-verbalization -

Life synthetically
With lap tops and T.V.
Screw actuality! 

Shrunken world to a blip
Plastic C.D. chip?

Life become illusion,
Routine.    Variation
Invites confusion.

So? In neighborly way
I’ll seek those innocent
Childhood ghosts at their play,

Ignore world runaway
Hid in this closet space
Content with sure decay.

Past times so right, so good -
No earthly conflict in
My shrunken neighborhood