Written by: Dekwan Wright

Where's the fun in forever?
Miguel taught me to wonder,
Cause ever since you've made your entrance,
It's been a never ending thunder,
And like the tears in my pupils,
The rain falls everlasting,
And from your smile to your cuticles,
Everything about you are has me Fasting,
See this desire,
Burns like the 3rd degree,
And just like some fire,
I grow from the sight of your attire,
You have me on edge,
Spitting soul through the wire,
And every time I get a chance to leave you inspire,
Desire like the wind,
I'm waiting for you to blow,
Like Kamakazi Men,
You really take me higher,
And just like a fan,
You're what I admire,
The flame that you carry,
Like the Olympics on hire,
See you have me in a trance,
Body warm like Alicia,
Damn right You're on fire,
See I'm trynna be your man,
But until then,
It seems as if I'm on hire,
Settle these fiendish thoughts,
Because you make me flyer,
Addicted due to my Desire....