Road Rager Gnome

Written by: DON JOHNSON

Road Rager Gnome There I was a going home, 4pm traffic going flowing, driving me little Corolla, going, when I saw this fool Road Rager , he seemed to lunge his car at me , and stop just short deliberately, to try to cast some fear, in me, just a bit of temper black, I must have cut him off, perhaps, His new Ford shining glass like wax, He flew up the inside track, And cut me off sharply, Whack, I’d left the braking a little late, My bumper bruised 2 doors his fate, His fear now multiplying, Me ole car was critisising, this silly flaming chap, He roared amongst on-coming cars, Put one on the footpath, shocked alas, Flew down a side-street, so harassed, His tyres had smoke arising, So I kept on a driving home, No bumper bent on me bloody own, A lesson taught, the Rager Gnome, Don’t try it I’m advising. Don Johnson