The Last Christmas

Written by: arthur vaso

As I gaze, into a child's eyes
I see the joys of Christmas past
I see the hope that used to be
Wonderful to be so young and free
A child's eyes, all bright with wonder
At Santa s promise of xmas plunder

Singing carols, under mistle toe
Rum eggnog kisses, make our cheeks so glow
Snowballs and sleds, all of winters fun
Turkey stuffing, cranberries and rum
Glad tidings given to young and old
May god bless for sins untold

The angels dancing in the sky
Now its time to say good bye
This Christmas carol has come to end
For I will soon be far away
Watching over infants play
Heavenly bliss is mine eternal

The young will grow, and dance and sing
The cycle continues, on angel wings
They will travel down St Nicks road
And hear stories from the old
For laughter will be, the days only menu
As life unfolds, one and all say adieu