The Garden in the Window

Written by: Timothy Hicks

I invite you to my window,
Where forks a path you may never go
See that garden there bursting with blooms?
It is yours, but you must only look,
Sit in my boat, but please do not row

It grabs holds and doesn't let go
Great things happen outside that window
The brownies there sing joyful medleys,
Their allure entrancing and deadly.
They whisper come, but I must say no

And out there their world is aglow,
Out there they only reap and never sow.
Saw many a-sovereigns in flowing capes
A stones throw away from dusty drapes
It pains me that I may never go

As you gaze outside my window
Forging conniving plots utterly low
Sure, you may break the glass and climb outside.
But when you breathe in that garden ever-wide,
Will it be what you hoped?

As you gaze outside my window
Longing for more than to watch the plants grow
I bid you, please, to simple gape in awe.
And take it for what it is; a silly law.
Simply stay,
Simply cope...

NOTE: I originally wrote this for a "garden contest" that I stumbled upon. But now that I posted this the contest seems to have vanished :(