Heartache of a 15 Year Old

Written by: Samantha HAYNES

I am space. And I am time. I can see wind and I can be kind.
I can breathe you, yet you can't breathe me.
I am the oceans, but you're not the seas.
I am the rain. You are my pain.
I am the Sun. You were my fun.
I was the storm. I am outrage. So angry. So deep. Lock me in a cage.
I am the zoo. Being observed from all views.
My life was a shambles and it was your cue. A cue to enter. A cue to arrive
A cue to witness and to revive.
I am religion and I am here. Not one place. Not neither place but here and there.
Am I the air? Am I the voice?
I wanted you forever but you had your own choice.
To leave, to depart, to exit or restart
You left, you thief and you still have my heart...