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Written by: Leonard Taormina

In the quagmires of the hell’s I’ve come across here on this plant;
Small pieces of my being were left behind that now need finding.
And as try to bring it back I can remember some possibilities where;
Harsh reactions were made over a lover with another man.
      But what is this manner of life that time now serves me; 
      Some type of-construed delusion for the name sake of survival?
      I do remember some words that hit me so painfully like a silver bullet 
      That numbs my soul to this day making me wish I could get it back
It is imagined one should not seek out merely the hot blood of passion;
But I thirsted beyond all reason for the essence of desire.
And did I ever love them perhaps but surely I loved loving them;
But as details become blurred old times are seen through a maze.
      So like a dog of the pit whose jaw has locked I will not let go;
      And though the visions dim slightly I’ve remembered every embrace
      And every story I ever saw when I looked in their face;
      So now I search for a world without riddles that perhaps we all know.