Written by: ilene bauer

On travels to Australia,
Someone brought me back a gift –
A brightly colored boomerang,
Which gave me quite a lift.

It got me thinking – wouldn’t life
Be better all around
If we were like a boomerang – 
Now, that’s a thought profound.

Imagine if what we sent out
Came back to us the same,
So if we got some nastiness,
We’d know just who to blame.

The people treating others well
Would reap rewards right back.
Perhaps there’d be an impact,
Keeping more of us on track.

A boomeranging golden rule
Is truly what we need,
Though such a thing, of course,
Could not be really guaranteed.

For boomerangs don’t always work – 
I haven’t tried mine yet – 
But with some practice, it’s a skill
I think we all could get.