By Your Side

Written by: Chyleen Lopez

You are looking up,
I know you feel it.
It's in your heart,
You feel that 
I'm not gone.
And you are right
I Am By Your Side.

Honey I'm fine,
Baby go on and 
Live your life
I will always be
By Your Side.

A few days will go by and
You will hear that 
It was my time,
You will wanna
Break down and cry,
Just remember,
I will always be
By Your Side.

Just remember that 
I will never desert you.
I will never ever leave you 
Please know, 
please know that this is true.

Because I will be by your side
Through everything,
Through thick and thin.
Baby promise me 
You will love again?
Love Again.
I Will Always Be 
By Your Side,
Till The Very End.