Hey, Who Said

Written by: Odin Roark

Hey, Who Said...

It was going to be easy

Getting over the time
When running over mountains to the beach was a Sunday jaunt
Giving Time permission to go in the wrong direction
Honoring past marriages as prep school
Letting go of offspring you’d rather continue parenting
Smiling during yearly physicals
Ignoring check-out-stand gossip

After all
Getting older isn’t everyone’s cup of escape


Experience is unavoidable
Do-overs for past mistakes unredeemable
Immortality unattainable (for now)


Listening and hearing one hand clapping
Smiling at Socratic irony’s revealing wink
Really learning what you thought you knew
You bet
Growing up has its advantages


What’s the end game
Such a cheery cliché: "it’s not over ‘til it’s over"


Some hasten that sundown
Many can’t wait for aged nightmares to end
Others awake each day…alive…WTF
Lace up the Nikes
Trot the run to the beach
Jump in the ocean naked
Poker-face the “aghast” expressions
Touch the package knowing
Frigid or not
Here I come
I’m still alive

But I digress

Easy it all is
When Mind’s clock takes leave
Embracing Einstein-Rosen’s bridge
Making personal the wormhole
Private solace with the Now


Somebody did invent “Who said it was going to be easy?”
But I think they knew
Grist for the mill knows no deadline
That wisdom isn’t a trophy
That Descartes knew something
Dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum

That some of us retort

i sum vivens ergo sum
That octogenarians marker
Knowing alive is better than dead
Accepting years are merely piss and vinegar
Waiting to be tested

Bring it on!