No Reflection

Written by: Bernard Colasurdo

She slithers with niceties, fangs intact
Stealing your gaze with her manipulative act.

Can’t see her reflection, for there is none, egad!
You search for her heart but there’s none to be had

Does she think we don’t see her behind her wall
Waiting in lurk for a poor soul to fall

“Come my pretty” while casting her curse
She shrieks without warning a venomous verse

who created this monster void of a soul
not seeing pain in the hearts that she stole.

rival of angels, friends with the troll
hideous features, her looks on parole

am I being judgemental in making this claim
or am I just truthful with no one to blame.

She says "oh i'm sorry did I hurt you my dear"?
Her spiteful rhymes tell me, her aim was quite clear.

So slither on elsewhere to some other place
For I have no room for incompetent grace.