Written by: Sumit Majumdar

There was this girl who I took in at a glance Would have missed her if not perchance In her early twenties, frail and tall Wearing hand-me-down pinks, near a shopping mall She was looking for someone, perhaps a brother Possibly young and playful and doted by his sister But her eyes were sad And the glance at her made me feel all bad Battered by rocks on a turbulent sea Family fortunes may have sunk to an unfathomable deep Deprived of strong foundations which make a girl walk tall Unable to claw back, crippled by the fall That haunting look still depresses As I see confident girls with swinging bags and long tresses Jauntily skip through the doorways of the mall To shop with carts in the well-stocked hall That look in her eyes had a story to tell Of reading the future from her present life of hell It reflected shock and portrayed loss And a life without hope or sheen or gloss