The Monkey

Written by: The Red Rain

“Rescue” the call was sounded
Not three feet away
Yet none stirred
Giants, Knights and Dragons to a man
Stood and stared at the platform above
Where the only treasure lay

Up sprang the monkey
Spikes on his feet
Ascended the ladder of no rungs
To rescue the treasure
Precise and fast
No fear knew he, or bounds

Resting briefly atop the ladder
The cheer went up


Up the monkey
Up you climb
Bring back the treasure of yore

The walkway was narrow
And treacherous
The monkey moved unhindered
With the grace of a chimapanze
He covered the ground
And eventually found
He was where he wanted to be

So scaling the parapet
To the treasure
Flat metal was all around
Thinner than ice
Not at all nice
He lay on his belly to crawl

And crawl he did
Inch by inch
As the ground creaked
The shouts resonated
Through the ground
As he stretched a gloved paw


Cursing his luck
The treasure moved away
The monkey resolved
And reached again


Sweating now
Ready for the final stretch
Stretching further


He floated the treasure down on the wind
Grinning with success
The monkey returned
To glowing faces