Written by: Joe Maverick

The air is shivered to displacements’ whim;
From the Ides of heaven’s sphere
As smote was the skin of a cosmic drum
Throbbing walls of pressure ‘push in’.
Then down as silvered mail, are droplets thrown,
Disgorged from Yahweh’s mighty quiver
Descending on, and over all creation
Glistening in sheaves, and slivers;
Igniting the energy of growth, in plant
Grass, rock and tree, a heavy hissing static falls
Across the fells, and far flung seas.
To drop.. and dropping… under and upon
Darkling pines, also the great lakes waters.
Lozenged globes, reflective, scatter liquid light 
In manifold freshening beads, too… carouses
Aloft in choruses; the damp clad whistling breeze.
Laurel leaves pendle and sway in harmony
And glistening mid-hued green, the sun bursts shine to
Kiss the rain, all embellishing; in tenebristic reverie.
©Joe Maverick 25-2-2013

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