The Quill of Lust

Written by: jamesp kail

The Well of what begat this need of Mine now finds its Whetted Wantonness of Having felt the Hardness of This Longing over Time.This Quill of Lust that Pricks at Her awakened Thoughts that She Filled it With now Inked Deeply in Her Mind.Seeking so Hot and Handily to Feel Therein the Rub of it and Comely still so Covets it an Unexpected Lurid Knowing of what it Means , Now Feeling it , the Thrust of Barely Just the Tip of It So Hotly Held in Hand its Urgent Need To Plumb the Depths of Her at Last so Breathlessly Comes a Need to Grasp the Length and Breadth of What The Quill was Made For That Which is The Same as What it Always Was.The Quill of Lust Still Filled With Needs of Hers now Soon to be Fulfilled in This Well of Knowing it so Intimate as it Fills the Place She Kept from it.So Deeply There Inside.