Let The world see

Written by: jan oskar hansen

  Let The World See. 

He stalks the night, especially towards dawn; 
extinguish and collects light. 
 Sometimes when there has been a car accident or 
a bomb has exploded,
 you can see his shadow on a hilltop looking down. 

He has a sack slung on his back-just like Santa
- ready to collect smothered 
light. Perhaps he’s a shaman who knows how to 
relit the light? 

He lives a place that is never dark, ‘cause there is 
always places where 
the sun shines while we sleep. 
He knows this and is therefore busy towards 
dawn, wherever it begins.   

The collector of light has many names but no one 
has seen his face, except 
the mad and they are best locked up, 
they must not be allowed to tell us god,
    is also the killer of man.