What Lurks Within

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

Its dark in here, there’s a scuttling noise, there is something I see
The dinosaur of the modern age, silverfish are crawling free.

There is a dripping sound; I smell an old wet rag
In fact the smell is awful, it even makes me gag.

I am keeping very still; there is a light in the big room
I see through this crack, even though I am in the gloom.

I turn around slowly; I wish I’d stayed outside
But the smell of food enticed me, then I find I could have died.

Sitting on the wire, a huge chunk of moldy cheese
But still in did entice me, my hunger it may appease.

It was the memory of my little wife that stopped me just in time
When she stepped onto that trap she thought it was a meal sublime.

But I remembered just in time, and now I turn my back
I am waiting for the light to go, then I will start to back track.

No more in this cupboard, will I lurk within
I may find a better mouse dinner, going through the rubbish bin…

© 22/03/2013 ~GG~