Adding Colorful Food to Your Diet

Written by: Elton Camp

Adding Colorful Food to Your Diet

By Elton Camp

Antioxidants are needed experts say
Eating colored food is the best way

Their wise advice I decided to apply
To eat more brightly colored I’d try

I did it because I thought I should 
Even if they don’t taste very good

To my surprise, that wasn’t the case
I found a colorful food of good taste

It has red, orange, yellow and green
On each bite, two letters “m” are seen

From the pack, it is all ready to eat
There’s no need to give it any heat

Also, I’ll have you to understand,
There’s no mess made in your hand

I wish I had learned of this long ago
Because I really do enjoy them so

And the nutritionists have no doubt
Bright colors is what health is about