Takin' It All With Me

Written by: Dylan Irvin

Everyone’s tellin’ me to be someone I used to be
And that they see somebody that I don’t see
Everyone wants me to be somebody that I’m not
But I’ve lived under the rain and I’ve learned a lot
Everyone’s tellin’ me to come here and stay there
And I’ve sewn back the pages  just to watch ‘em tear

Everyone’s tellin’ me I need to do this and I need to do that
And her old man says, “come here boy, we need to have a chat”
Everyone’s tellin’ me I need to grow up and be a man
But I’m too busy trying to figure out who I am
Everyone keeps pullin’ me in different directions
But I’m too far gone to adhere to their corrections
Everyone wants me to be somebody that I’m not
Well the bullet has left, the gun's already been shot

Everyone’s tellin’ me that I need to get my life on track
But I keep movin’ right along and I don’t look back
Maybe they need to see what I’m workin’ to be
Maybe they need to start tryin’ to be me
If I wasted my time trying to be their man
I’d be wasting the person that I really am

Everybody wants to be somebody they’re not
Arguing about what they need and what they’ve got
Everyone’s tellin’ me I gotta’ play and I gotta’ win
But I’ve torn out the pages just to sew ‘em back again
I’ve seen the high and I’ve lived the low
And I’m takin’ it all with me when I go