Written by: delysia hendricks

I'm named Delysia (sic) Patricia. This poem was 
inspired by Chris De Burgh's "Stripper" song.

A buxom beaut
ill of repute
amply endowed with bits to spare
undoubtedly cute
without dispute
had a penchant her wares to lay bare
She'd vocationally strip
do the occasional dip
her pockets bulged, much like her chest
they'd oft cause a trip
o'er th' tarmac she'd skip
six burlies her would lift:  two aft;  two a breast
Her stage was wee
a dinghy room on the quay
she sensually danced to excite
with pouting lips
and swinging hips
the flame in her quarries ignite
Their feet they tapped
with fist in lap
attempting to conceal the unquestionable
our temptress went skitty
swinging her frilly unmentionables
No item was spared
to the bone she had bared
when in marched the cops in line
they stood there erect
she wiggled her ass-et
winked:  I guess it's your place, not mine?
Clad like Eve
sans a fig leaf
our Delilah was escorted downtown
the commander pulled rank
said he she should flank
on the bumpety road going down
What transpired en route
is a question that's moot
exhausted the troupe reached the station
she bluntly refused
a gown to use
purred:  would you draw me an inked carnation? 
The time drew near
for the lass to appear
the air at the station funereal
they'd lose their charge
who by and large
was their best ever prison material
The judge was sad
his mood was bad
his Sunday night romp failed to show
he sat rubbing an itch
cursed himself and the *****
and the pills he swallowed his manhood to grow
Cradling his nether part
in waltzed the objet d' art
the cause of his undue distress
well taken aback
his jaw went slack
drooling to see her in undress
Adjusted in a blink
as she copped him a wink:
Accused, your charges are grave
how pleadeth thee
guilty or not guilty?
'tis alleged you scandalously behaved
M'Lord, I'm guilty
I beg pardon from thee
though my apology be rather belated 
while your service was due
I engaged the cop crew
they kept me bound and incarcerated
Still nursing his nuts:
you're nowt but a slut
for your misdeeds you've shown no repentance
for your wayward behavior
you're to serve hard labor
under my personal care to serve sentence
The remaining accused
all are excused
in future heed the laws of the land
this court stands adjourned
he looked at her stern:
this hussy needs be taken in hand