Written by: Austin Tenthani Phiri

Here is a tale
This tale, many will live to tell
Of the pains conceived by betrayal
If some will fail to tell this tale
Posterity will be their judge
Passing a sure sentence
On how they failed in their duty
Of telling the tale to a generation yet to be born

The tale is of betrayal
Conveyed on the auras of confessed friendship 
Received by the deceived 
On a plate of mayopic trust
Galvanized by selfish interests

The medium of this betrayal were words
That dripped from smooth yet subtle lips
Those naive in the matters of life
Pondered and wondered in amazement....
”how could they get caught in this circle so vicious!”

“Tell us more about this tale” some pressed
“Its aleady told” was the answer
“!” they protested
I answered...”Betrayal and its pain is the tale”

AFRICAN POET-Austin Tenthani Phiri