Fresh Out Of Victimless

Written by: David Wells

Fresh Out Of Victimless
Discipling the ghastly pondering the reckless
Struggles on the hours dignity in limbo
Shining on the undressed windfall of banishment
Forgiving the dream destination unchained
Luminaries in default giving up the present tense
Better serves the sentiment 
Finish with a strong line giggles for the penniless 
Strumming for the sideshow sorrow for your tissue
Needy as a pickup grazing for a lament 
Sharks in a frenzy ready for the aiming
Bleeding for the party treading on the angels bread
Last breath of innocence riddled with a random kiss
Mickey likes celebrity zooms into the felony
The trap of Venus clothes to open with 
Enlightening the waking dead kill the latest fashion 
Titillation hopeless dusty rose of boredom 
Fickle as the dead meat flinching destination
Sizing up the enclave experimental basement 
Details of the energy failure for the destined 
Liaisons with the jewel lasso your diseases 
Fondest resistance respite unending 
Cloned to cloak in falsehood 
Honey jump machinery the rites of his devices 
Gyrations of a dove to settle the score