My Wild West

Written by: Jennifer Marie Oliver

Out here in "Colo-rah-dee"
It's dry as dry can be
Dustbowls do get rowdy
As far as you can see

Ranchers cook upon the fire
Some coffee and some beans,
There something to admire
Have been many movie themes

Buffalo Bill did travel here
Many years ago
Drive up to see, have no fear
There's lots they have to show

Travel up to the plains
Where buffalo and antelope roam
You will never be the same
It may become your home

For out here we live simply
Our clothes and boots are worn
Our middles may be dimply
Our shirts they may be torn

Mountains may surround us
And blaze in summers sun
Gold has caused many to fuss
That's how the west was won. 

So come on out to see
The country at its best
I chose to live here for me
Because I love the West.