Precious One

Written by: Dan Kearley

I'm going to sing a lullaby
 ~For you my precious one~
 May these words erase all your fears
 ~As night time has now come~
 These words are sang with starlit skies
 ~To you my precious one~
 So please now close your eyes
 ~Until a new day has begun~
 Dream of chasing butterflies
 ~My sweet and precious one~
 May you wake to clear bright skies
 ~With many happy days of fun~
 I sing to you this lullaby
 ~My loving precious one~
 I will always be near to dry each tear
 ~If they ever should happen to come~
 May I always wake to your beautiful smile
 ~My dear sweet precious one~
 My love for you will reach endless miles
 ~As your lifetime journeys have begun~