Written by: kazeem musa

Return my ashes home,but first take me to my 
father's compound where my bravery was formed.
For this is it,I was born for this papa,Isn't this 
ashes of mine beautiful mama?
Let every one know I am back home again 
sister,and brother fight no bullies in my sake no 

Take me down the street in mama's finest pot,and 
to the town's square where I use to fight and play,
Ricky is my friend,why don't you let him have some 
ashes?Let him show it to the downtown gang I am 
still around

Paint the town in my ashes and tell my girl Bisi not 
to wash it with her tears.
You can blow me into the air as well,but warn the 
breeze of life never to take me out of the land 
         Kazeem Musa olawale.