Written by: diana jackson

Whimsical, caught in the illusion of love.  
In a dream that shall never be 
Yet would have liked to have live it out.
My heart was touched in new places
Being again with new faces. 
Experienced new things and I liked it very much.  
He again made me believe that love could be, 
The touching, the kissing. 
The whispers of unimagined love on his breath, 
Speaking words so lightly.
I did not want it to end, feeling the closeness of heart, the caring, 
The realness of what I felt shall go with me always and shall never end.  
As in other times and other places,  
As in other rhymes and other faces. 
They last only for a moment, it seems
Like a rose that withers and gently blows away in the wind.  
Could not allow it to end, could not stop it, 
Could not allow it to pretend.  
The fullness of this extraordinary Love.