Farm Life

Written by: Glenda Ingalls

A day on the farm can be hard work.
Like feeding the pigs and
catching the chickens.
You kick the dog and
throw the cat out the kitchen.

Boy this farm work can be hard.
Run out of the house
down to the barn.
The chores are piling up
but thats just life on a farm.

Milk the cows and call the sheep.
Fight with the goats to trim their feet.
Feed the horses and curry them down.
I'm sure glad I don't live in town.

Fire up the ole tractor
drive out to the fields to
work the ground thats made of steel.
It starts to rain but thats okay cause
we still have to work the cows today.

Your body is hurting by
the end of the day.
When you lie down in bed
you start to pray.
Lord will me another day.

As I think over my day.
I thank God, and have to say.
Even tho it's hard work
from dawn til dusk
I'm glad, I live on a farm.