The Face of Death in the Eyes of the Human Mind

Written by: Amber Stratton

When we see the face of death
We run without thinking why he is here
Normally we don’t know what happens 
After the heart finally stops beating its 
Rhythmic race after years upon years

Our hearts begin to race as he gets close
We start to pray to our own higher power
‘Lord please if you take me do not let me
Feel the pain that I am imagining now amen’

As he holds his scythe he glides closer and 
Closer picking and choosing whom is next 
On the list to die tonight no one knows at 
That moment if they will die or survive to see 
The sun rise in the sky the next morning

What are we to do in the meantime while 
He torments the living who have a sickness
Of the body mind or soul we pray again
Please do not take me from my family that 
Needs my help to survive 

And again another life is spared by his 
choosing but not all of our prayers and
pleas will be answered by the one above 

there are a few who choose to let the 
scythe come down and rip out our soul 
and then the heart stops we pass into 
the next world or we watch the pain 

Tear the hearts of our loved ones apart 
Then we slowly start to realize something... 

‘To celebrate death is actually to celebrate life itself’