Written by: Michelle Bailey

Dear god I know I take for granted that tomorrow will be given to me
And I also take for granted your grace and your mercy
I know I mess up even though I hear your warning words
But because at times I'm stubborn I pretend the warning I never heard
At times it may seem that I put you to the test
And at the same time wonder why I'm not blessed
But you also know my struggles 
I also take advantage of your forgiving nature
And at times forget that I am the created and not the creator
But I also understand that tomorrow is promised to no man
But yet I still don't live the best that i can
Perhaps I think my time to die is not yet
Or perhaps that loads of achievements I have not met
Whatever it is I must believe I'm invincible 
As why else will I not heed to His call
Tomorrow it is, tomorrow will be the day
Tomorrow it is when I turn round and say
Yes lord I accept you in my heart
Yes lord I'm ready for my new start
But tomorrow came and I was nowhere to be found
Tomorrow came but those words I never uttered a sound
Perhaps I wasn't ready, maybe need a bit more time
Not realizing I was created to worship the divine
I just needed to party a little bit more
Not understanding what tomorrow had in store
Tomorrow wasn't mine, was never guaranteed to be
Tomorrow came for millions, it never came for me 
My time was up, my days had a number
Tomorrow wasn't given to me by he who neither sleeps nor slumber
If I could look back at yesterday and realize my mistake
I wouldn't wait for tomorrow I'd grab the moment with haste
To accept you lord in my life and live right
As tomorrow is a day I would like to glimpse in my sight