The Tears That I Am Crying

Written by: Joe Flach

I am crying tears of loneliness, frustration and contempt
for a life that I know has not been too well spent;
for time here on earth that was wasted and for naught;
for battles that I waged in that never should be fought.

I am crying tears of emptiness, pain and heartfelt sorrow
for the guilt of yesterdays and the hopeless of tomorrows;
for taking away much more than I ever gave away;
for putting off forever those things I could do today.

I am crying tears of destitute, isolation and chagrin
for the ending of a good life that never did begin;
for taking for granted the advantages of my youth;
for letting my ego distort the moral truth.

I should have cried for my fellow man and the injustices I saw,
Instead of seeking my fortune and turning a blind eye to it all;
I should have long ago found causes for which to shed these tears,
Instead of saving them for self-disgust in my autumn years.