a kiss of sunshine

Written by: sharon anena

had a hectic day with 
lots of things to do
so glad i found my way
home from work
did not think i would make it
not with the dark, the cold and
the exhaustion conspiring against me

opened the door after some time of
fumbling with the keys 
not sure what goes where
slummed the door shut and
dropped the bag on the floor
why let it burden me after 
what i had gone through today

was hungry but it could wait
had only one thing in my mind
my sweet little comfortable bed
finally reached the room did not 
think to turn on the light and 
just fell on my bed  
did not think i would wake up
did not care if i did
all i wanted was just a little sleep
was that too much to ask

forgot to draw the drapery
and when morning came 
i felt a kiss of sunshine  
as the morning rays raced
to my face, i smiled a little
and got a glow on 
reassuring and brightening my day 
because there was still hope 
working under the sun