Truth of My Lonely Truth

Written by: Victor Alexander


Alone in my own lonely world
I see the truth hidden inside me
And the lies that has kept me company for a long time
Deceiving myself of my own deceit
Making a fool of my foolishness.

The busy times that never gave time for thinking
Providing time to busy my hidden unbusied time
Covering the future truths with the present lies
Abandoned truth…Accepted lie…

The world is not a bed of roses I hear
Yet never heard it is a bed of thorns
Though thorns surround roses
Lonely and deep in thought
I see my future clearly as in a big screen
I see the world as it is
Not as I believe it is.

I realize, I have been deluding myself
With past and present illusions
Uncovering many things in the process
Especially responsibilities ahead

I see in me the man I will be
Not the boy I am nor the child I was
I see the rugged roads to be taken
Not the smooth illusionary roads thought
Sometimes, I get afraid of the future
Sometimes, I get motivated…

It dawns on me that am alone and on my own
Knowing that every decision I make now
Will affect me in whatever way I made them.

Most importantly it reveals the real me in me
And dawns on me to tread my paths carefully
For unlike my counterparts, am already in the world
But assures me of the success to follow
 The truth of my lonely truth…