The Three Categories of People

Written by: Victor Alexander


At the zenith great men stood unopposed
Exonerated people of great wisdom and wealth
The earth is their point of arrival and departure
Terminus ad quo and terminus ad quem
Always excelling at the slightest opportunity
Success! Their pinnacle of glory
They make things happen”.

In the middle mediocres squat opposed
Thou they find themselves comfortable where they are
Making no effort to move forward
Always ready to serve the lords of the pinnacle 
Yet they feel like waking up at the peak
Imagining the world to be a place of existence
They try to make things happen but lack the will”.

Down are struggling large multitudes of people
Who blame the world for what they are
They are mask men to themselves 
Value can never be attached to their life 
Surely existing not living in a world of theirs
Inferiority personified, pathetic without vision
Looking and not seeing, hearing and not listening
Ready to embrace whatever comes their way
Pessimistic persons with great dreams they can’t realize.
They watch things happen”.