Angel's eyes

Written by: Sukmawati Komala

Angel’s eyes

Pensive in silence 
looked at the beauty 
of angel’s eyes

fill me with the glamorous nuances
darkest sky topping diamonds
and stars

expanse their
fabulous beauty
colorful in the sky 

fast rotating 
to a black concentrated hole
all ran towards
in a beautiful race
to the deepest hole
where all the beauty met

so amazing

o... my angel

truly beautiful eyes
passionately embraced 
my soul

shared me
an afterthought

the beauty of racing
in colorful dreams 
comfort rotating
crystallise my passion

o... my angel 
took me engrossed
in your beauty

forgot my lonesome
in chasing dreams

and stars

sprinkle in my melancholic heart
embellish my elegiac mind
immerse me
in what a beauty

guide me fly with you

o...angel’s eyes

~ Sukmawati Komala ~ 
17 March 2012

Dedicated to my dearest angel Dane Ann Smith- Johnsen