For Feelin So Blue

Written by: Tim Ryerson

Friends humor and play me
(They know I'm chra-zee)
Patsy sings blue
God I miss you

So lone-lee now
Never knew how
without you to cope
Losing false hope
that keeps me stumbling
nowhere, I hear rumbling
and mumbling of wraiths
Can't see my blind faith

Need your cozy croon
Your comforting tune
Your old fashion song
Don't seem to belong
anywhere anymore
You ache to my core

Don't know why you ran
and left your old man
alone with his fears
after too many years

Why leave me behind
to grope and to find
just a smile in the den
that wide joyful grin
Can't look long your way
I wrench back away
to wander the tombs
of dim vacant rooms
One untouched bed
Are you really dead

Tell me what to do
to replace my lost you
how to turn off our light
and sleep alone tonight...

"Crazy": Written by Willie Nelson and performed by the late Patsy Cline