Silent Music of Falling Stars

Written by: William J. Jr. Atfield

Silent Music
Falling Stars

A radiant glob shone down upon this planet,
life seemed so bright – why is it then ?, all seen,
on the surface, ( in the face of ) – seems the dark side,
the spirit of the moon permeating the innermost recesses
of this harbored soul, having been reached out to.

Towards this planet, around it Mars gravitates, rotates.
In the furthest reaches, a sphere so cold – grows –
a heart so distant and aloof, this planet seems,
from a different universe, travelling in other dimensions,
orbiting on a different plane, even when two -
as one - have flown together ?, – apart.

Why has Venuses, influence repulsed ?,
slipped out of orbit – lost her way –
drifting away – always, it seems –
gravitating towards planets of perceived perfection,
in their ecliptic, aesthetic, elegance,
in their orbit of alleged worldly knowledge,
in their spheres of impressionistic light,
light that seems to blind,  their gravity, pulling Venus,
into their orbits for a week / weeks,
a month / months, a year / years,
or for just a date or two.

Comes disillusionment, disappointment to shake Venus,
from her dreams of – that set her gravitational pull back
towards this lowly old planet – set adrift –
drawing it back into her orbit for another go around
- this moon to her earth, without power of influence –
no gravitational put, no raising and ebbing of tides,
just a continuous revolving around her glow.
a companion to the empty spaces in-between,
never to be included, to become a part of her universe

B. J. “A” 2
June 2nd 2008